Henk Viljoen

Director - Investhouse International
Fund Manager

B Com (Economic Science) | B Com (Hons) Economics |
M Com (Economics)

Henk is one of South Africa’s most experienced and award-winning asset managers, with 29 years as Head of Stanlib’s Fixed Income franchise at the core of his storied career. During this time Henk was a multiple award winner, these awards included Raging Bulls and Morningstar awards, a total of 31 awards. In the 12 years up to 2017 STANLIB Fixed interest team won around 50% of all South African awards in the fixed interest space, mainly for the performance of the STANLIB Bond and Income fund. During this time, he also served on the Advisory Board of the Global Fixed Income Institute, an association of European Fixed Interest managers.

After overseeing a successful handover of the Fixed Income business to his long-time colleague Victor Mphaphuli, Henk joined Stanlib’s Multi-Asset franchise to capitalise on his passion for equity markets on top of his expertise as a bond investor. He supported the expansion of the mandate, attracting several billion Rand in new funds by his retirement in May 2023.

In late 2023 Henk decided that it was time to seek out a new challenge as well as find a home for his decades of expertise. In this search he came to the conclusion that Investhouse has an offering that is exceptional and elected to become a shareholder in the business, taking a leading role in the oversight of Investhouse’s flagship local and offshore funds.

Henk is an avid family man and dedicates significant time to travelling with his wife to spend time with his first grandson and youngest son in the Americas. Additionally, he has a great love for the African bush, especially birds and is on a mission to photograph a thousand different species.